This is the range of technical and operational services we offer to our customers. Because, in addition to packaging, there are important transversal skills to achieve a successful result. In these areas we can cover whole projects or provide assistance with targeted services. Our team of 27 resources is able to follow any design complexity in performing timetables. As many as 97% of the services requested by multinationals are supplied by us in less than 24H and we invest 15% of our turnover annually in internal training and in research and development of new solutions.

Solutioo Design & Packaging Agency

Research & Packaging

Research and Development for materials and packaging suitable for the specific category.

Project ManagemenT

Integrated management of development projects.

Supplier Selection

Selection of suppliers for materials and mass production.

Printer Selection

Selection of machinery, technologies and printing suppliers.

Supplier Selection Piloting e Production ValidatioN

Validation, control and transfer to production.

Production Management

Management and control of production on behalf of customers.

Private Label

Development of private labels for mass market retailers.

Line management

Management of multiple product lines in parallel.

Interactive 3D

3D rendering and modeling of packaging.

Engineering POP materials

Design of exhibitors and store materials.

Technical Packaging

Technical design and prototyping of packaging.

Web Center

File management systems.

Data Banking

Organization and digital management of all “worldwide” materials.


Mock uP

Master of the finished packaging with the sample of the product inside.


Digital printing for the production of information labels.


Production of small lots and limited runs.


3D Prototyping of the project.

POS Communication material

Communication materials for exhibitors.

In store promotion material

Instore Promotion.

Internal consultants available
to Solutioo projects

Brand manager

Brand management and corporate integration in the product line.

Graphic design

Graphic Design.

Marketing Manager

Analysis of competition and product positioning.


Creation of textual communications.


Pos Design

Realization and Engineering of Pos Materials.

Motion Graphic

3D Animation and Video.