About Us

Solutioo Group, with 20 years of experience in packaging, is among the market leaders in the national and international markets. A fully Italian company where the high competence is expressed and recognized in each project.

We take care on behalf of the customer for the design of any type of packaging and the realization of the mock up. We deliver to the customer the exact prototype of how the finished product will look like, and we take care of the relationships with whom is in charge of mass production.

We are a packaging consultancy agency with a matured expertise taking care of multinational productions, and we make our international profile available also to European companies and start-ups. We take direct responsibility of each prototype ensuring to customers the perfect realization of their packaging.

The skills of our group are divided into two areas, which include different but complementary and synergic skills and technical knowledge, where resources are formed by specializing: Solutioo, which deals with the design and ideational packaging design, and the Repro company, which is the repro house with technical printing skills for the physical realization of every solution on any type of support and material.
Solutioo is the design and the idea; Repro is the reality that realizes the pre-press and the mock-up.

Together, this team forms a specialized packaging service, integrated and synchronized on the customer’s “time to market”. All this is Solutioo Group.
Tutto questo è Solutioo Group.



Being the most observant, performing and competent packaging agency in Italy; offering solutions with high added value at national and international level.
offrendo soluzioni ad alto valore aggiunto in ambito nazionale e internazionale.


- Our Philosophy-

We believe in teamwork, in multidisciplinary skills, in the creative strength of young people and in the collective good as a superior goal of individual efforts.

We strive every day to make our solutions functional, appealing, precise and innovative.
siano funzionali, accattivanti, precise ed innovative.

Monica Radaelli

Martina Tragni

Manuel Melidoro

Cinzia Renzini

Luca Garavaglia

Elena Mairate

Andrea Garavaglia

Vittorio Girola

Massimo Ranzani

Silvano Garavaglia

Stefano Sensi

Paolo Crepaldi

Riccardo Radaelli

Gabriella Paoletti

Alessio Salinardi

Deborah Michelon

Andrea De Rossi

Fabio Spalenza

Martina Ruffino

Alessio Castagna

Stefania Mussolini